About Homosexuality

By Badjoke on 6:01 AM

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Seriously now, I said this before, I just don't care about gays. And I'm not a ignorant asshole. I just don't see the point in joining the haters side or the this homo hipper sensitivity thing that you do.

People throw rocks and one another for various reasons for a fucking long time, so why bother with gays?
Just let them deal with it, it's there choice and fight, there will always be people that will hate for no particular reasons, or hate people that are different, because that's what we are, pathetic slightly evolved life forms.

Evolution in history..

By Ocea on 11:26 AM

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1. Women no longer accept to live in the tree. And cry. Man discovers the cave.

2. In cave is cold. Women cry. Man discovers fire.

3.Children screaming hungry. Women cry. Man discovers ax,archery and bat and go on hunting.

4. From all that meat the child getting sick of scurvy and beri-beri. Women cry. The man discovered agriculture.

5. Since the mammoth leaves hardly killed, man is missing to much from home. Women cry. The man starts to raise domestic animals: cow, sheep, pig, chicken, etc..

6.The woman was tired of steak done to broach with green beans cooked on a leaf. And cry. Man discovers pottery.

7.In the cave and is chill due to moisture and cold that children are pneumonia and die. Women cry. The man builds a first hut and a house of wood and stone.

8. The winter has come and is cold. Women cry. The man discovers that skin

and fur of dead animals can be processed and made clothes.

9. Leather clothes and the ones of fur stinks. (women cry). Man discovers all the clothes of whool (wich are harsh and leaves scraches). Then he discover the flex clothes (even harsh than whool) women sigh. Then he finds the silk clothes ( which appear to be satisfactory - women smile). Later, man and solve the problem odors issued on hides and fur.

10. Various unimportant things such as protection of animal herds and
killing the potential predators keeps the man away from home.
Women cry. The man taming the dog and cat.

11. The woman noticed that she looks to much with all from the tribe. She crys and the man discover the make up and jewlry.

12. Woman is getting bored and she want to enlarge her horizon. She starts to cry . The man invents the weel , the boat, taming the horses and all that just because the woman is fragile and she`s getting tired fast.

... after many years ...

The woman feels the need to "escape" from daily life. She has no money, time or availability to go on trips or journeys, with her friends she we`ll get bored, at tv is nothing interesting while outside is ugly.

Usually, the man is still not home and he would not understand much.
The woman had a kind of mood to write something that brings compliments from strangers and absolutly need to be under control ... and she start to cry again (To

I do not know how time in history) Then man invents blogs

Moral: When women cry, humanity is evolving
(and without men they will celebrate now like 15000 since they are crying).

Political damage

By Ocea on 11:15 AM

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I have an issue. Last night i was strugleing to solve a problem at math and i got a freakin` idea. Romania needs a terrorist organization like ETA, Al Quaida or something like that, with a specific purpose : That to terrorize the politicians and the big kings to do something for this country. And when i say "terrorize" i mean booby traps, carbombs, burning buildings, killings and other pretty stuff like this.

This will fix the problem even for the future politicians who will think twice before they get in any political activities.
So let's all get togheter and start this shit up!

Jesus Busters

By Ocea on 11:11 AM

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No comment, no religin polemics.

I`ve fallen inlove

By Ocea on 11:09 AM

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My life is shity. My beer is pure... I saw an angel... Of that I'm sure.
She smiled at me from the table ... she was pretty pretty hot.
I was cleaning tables for 30 minutes, she was still there all alone ... she asked me "wheres the manager?" I told her she was hot...
She could see from my face that I was fucking horny ...
And I don't think that she had to beat the crap out of me with her mobile phone...
But we shared a moment that will last till the end....

I told her I loved her and i wanna screw her.
she told me i was an asshole and maybe i should go to hell and die ...
shes beautiful....shes beautiful to me ...
but is time to face the truth...
Love is bullshit. Emotions are bullshit. I am a pig. A jerk. I'm an uncaring asshol

Barack Obama - President of USA

By Ocea on 9:25 AM

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I`m not a political man but today i saw on Tv how Barack Obama becomes President of America ( or US or USA), the first black person who gets president, the 44th president of America. The presentator was amazed and astonished that  the person who writes his speeches and that he is a visionary and bla bla bla. I liked that he never told in his speeches that he will be a savior , a Mesiah or i donno a black  priest to help poor and eradicate hunger and war or something like that. 

I think it was the first political speech that i really liked.

From slavery and racism to be the presidedent of Usa is a big thing. Also i like the peoples who were gathered in Lincoln Memorial Esplanade with their banners : " Barack Obama - President of US" that was fine, no special meaning but this one was nice : " Barack Obama - President of Earth". Is it?